Breathtaking Views from Ruta 63, Paso Cordoba, in Patagonia

This memorable drive links San Martin de Los Andes, the nearby Chapelco ski resort, and Bariloche. It passes through rugged landscapes, fantastic rock formations and the unbelievably clear waters of the Traful.

The music on this video is by guitarist Cacho Tirao, and is titled “Ya Esta Hecha La Rosa”.

The map below shows our drive in yellow.

Map Paso Cordoba Ruta 63 Patagonia Argentina

The dirt road is rough, rutty, at times narrow and hilly. It has a few scary hairpin curves and is not well maintained, so ask around to make sure conditions are safe before you go. Once you get to Confluencia, you’ll turn right onto Ruta 237, a paved and well-traveled road, to get to Bariloche. The map is provided courtesy of the San Martin de Los Andes municipality.

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