So You Don’t Know Much About History

When you visit another country, it helps to have some historical perspective to understand the culture a bit better. In the case of Argentina, if you only know that it’s a Spanish-speaking country in the Western Hemisphere, you would normally make assumptions about the country based on whatever knowledge you have about other Latin American countries. But you would quickly find, upon visiting, that some of your assumptions would be wrong. Here’s a brief look at the history of Argentina, that will give you some clues as to its unique culture and what it shares (and doesn’t share) with other countries.

Click on the image and it will bring up an interactive timeline. Scroll your mouse over the dots to see highlights. You can also click on each image for more details.

I’m an enthusiastic but amateur historian, and although I’ve used multiple sources for confirming facts and for a balanced analysis, I welcome your comments and/or corrections.

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