Summer in Bariloche – A Pleasant Hike On Cerro Catedral

This beautiful video highlights an easy summer hike from the base of Cerro (Mount) Catedral to Refugio Frey at the summit. It takes about three and a half hours and starts at the parking lot of Cerro Catedral, a 20 minute drive from Bariloche. My advice – go on the hike in early spring (November) or later in the summer (February and March) to avoid the tábanos (horseflies). If you do want to enjoy the hike in December-January wear long pants, long sleeves, a hat, and try some insect repellent. Extra maximum strength insect repellent…
The wild lupines you see in the beginning of the video are quite a sight. In early spring they form a blanket covering much of the mountains and the roadside. The yellow flower is the amancay (alstroemeria aurea), a beautiful symbol of the region.

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